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Sea Lily Miami

Read more about our “Ava Silk Dress on Glamour Italia HERE

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About the Author : Colleen Coughlin

Colleen Coughlin is the Designer here at Sea Lily based in Miami. She holds a degree in both Apparel and Textile Design as well as a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Design, all from The Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also the founder of The Full Edit where she organizes, purges and styles your closet so you look and feel your best! Colleen brings over 10 years of NYC industry experience designing for places such as Victoria’s Secret PINK, VS Fashion Show, StartUpFashion, Nylon, The NBA, NHL and NFL to name a few. Her goal is to educate and inspire solutions in the Apparel Industry to reduce the 11.1 tons of textile waste that Americans create per year. To learn more about Colleen's other initiatives, visit and follow @thefulledit.

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