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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

Cressi Kids Underwater 2017 Bonaire

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means… more beach days! There’s nothing like a relaxing day out by the water with a frosty drink and book.

Enjoying our world’s oceans is one of the life’s many pleasures. At Sea Lily we have a passion for conserving and rebuilding our oceans, which is why this week is so important to us.

On Thursday June 8th the nation (as well as Sea Lily of course) will be celebrating World Oceans Day. Sea Lily wants to recognize this unique day because it exemplifies all that we care about and the passion and commitment we have to making our oceans better.

At Sea Lily we have planted over 500 Corals and collectively cleaned up over 2,500 lbs of marine debris from our beaches with DebrisFreeOceans!

This year’s annual theme for World Oceans Day is, “Our oceans, Our future.” The oceans have suffered from climate change, pollution and over fishing for decades, thankfully there are plenty of people and organizations that care and are dedicated in making a change.

Sea Lily is excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Harbour Village Reef Foundation on Bonaire Island!

photo: Harbour Village Reef Foundation on Bonaire Island

The Harbour Village Reef Foundation is a non–profit organization dedicated to the preservation of coral reefs through carefully selected projects and partnerships. HVRF helps raise funds from organizations and individuals interested in protecting marine ecosystems, raising global ocean awareness and supporting the preservation of local waters through research and education.

The Harbour Village Reef Foundation was founded by the Harbour Village Beach Club, located on the beautiful island of Bonaire. This luxury resort provides guests with a lush, secluded paradise to explore the beautiful beaches and tropical waters. Along with being a 5-star resort, Harbor Village Beach Club is also a world-renowned dive destination with gorgeous, healthy reefs and eco-systems.

To read more about HVRF and how you can get involved click here

Photo: Zeroeye Model: his boss babe, wifey Sel

In just a few short weeks guests will be able to purchase Sea Lily resort wear at the Harbour Village Beach Club and part of the proceeds will go directly to the Harbour Village Reef Foundation and their coral nurseries.
Stop by and check out our new designs at our online shop!
Along with the Harbour Village Reef Foundation there are other non- profit organizations that are working diligently to save our oceans!
Here are a few that caught our eye:

The Coral Restoration Foundation has awesome offshore coral nurseries and restorations programs that dramatically increase the number of reefs in our local waters! To learn more, visit their website!

At the Reef Check Foundation volunteer divers, fisherman, kayakers, surfers and boaters help ensure the long-term sustainability and health of the near shore rocky reefs and kelp forests. They are taking a proactive role to make sure the oceans ecosystems are healthy! Take a look at the Reef Check Foundation

Have the time to volunteer?  Rescue a Reef at the University of Miami offers recreational divers and snorkelers the chance to take a half-day trip to our local coral reefs. This opportunity is a unique hands-on experience that gives you a chance make a change in coral restoration efforts.  Click here to learn more!

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