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900 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

Sea lily as far away as Floreana Island in the Galapagos !! We always get excited when our Sea Lily fans share their journeys, adventures, and Sea Lily life.

On Floreana Island you’ll find some fascinating local history: not only was it the site of the famous Galapagos Affair but it is also where you’ll find Post Office Bay.The seamen were often homesick, but communication was a problem back in the day. To remit this they devised a clever solution: the seamen left letters in a certain place on Floreana, and when passing ships stopped there on their way back to England, the USA or wherever their home port was, they would pick up all the letters destined for that place and deliver them. In some cases, letters would take years to deliver! The place on Floreana where the letters were left became known as Post Office Bay. The most amazing part of this historical tale is that the system is still working! Every year, thousands of Galapagos visitors drop off letters and postcards in Post Office Bay. Other visitors headed close to an addressee will pick up the letters and take them home. Traditionally, if you pick up a letter addressed to someone who lives near your home, you’re supposed to hand-deliver it…and tell the tale of how it got there!

We have been there many years ago and as fun as it is to help delivery other peoples mail, it is to put your own mail into the box and see if you will ever get it. We did get ours after a long while and sometimes snail mail is a lot more fun and makes for better stories than the new faster means of communications.

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