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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

So you’ve had a long day out in the Everglades and now you need a bite to eat and a cool drink. Head over to Joanie’s Blue Crab Café for a delicious blackened catfish sandwich and a glass of Joanie’s famous sangria. Joanie’s is a comfy shack specializing in fried seafood & brews in a laid back atmosphere with outside seating.

If you are looking for an amazing stone crab experience we recommend stopping by the well-regarded Triad Seafood located in Everglades City! Triad serves a great variety of fresh seafood, and we can also recommend the fried-conch sandwich.  It comes with fresh herb-seasoned fries and coleslaw. The sweet potato fries are great too!

We know many of you may not to know what to bring on your adventure in the Everglades so here are a few items we thought would be a good addition to your packing list!

Aromoflage 10ML (Left) 

Whats the worst thing about being around pesky mosquitoes? The awful smell of bug spray repellent of course! Good thing theres this wonderful invention called Aromaflage. Aromaflage is a 2-in-1 fine fragrance with function. Scientifically tested, effective,and beautiful, naturally repels mosquitoes without the unpleasant spell of typical bug sprays!

Womens Long Sleeve Quarter Zip Sun & Swim Shirt (Right)

Gotta stay sun safe in the Everglades! Good thing UV Skinz produces UPF50+ Sunwear that focuses on providing the highest quality, hippest designs in skin protection. Kids and adults alike literally want to “Live in our Skinz” and not take them off and they even have sun protection for the kiddos and hubby.

Don’t forget the most important item in your suitcase!
Cover ups, tunics, sarongs, linen pants and more. Here is our favorite Hanna cover up, perfect protection against the sun’s rays and mosquitoes. Not only is it lightweight and breezy, but chic and timeless for all of our Everglade fashionistias out there!

Check out our resort collection at  and get your own favorite cover up!


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