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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

Take a look below to see how we’ve paired a few of our favorite Sea Lily styles with some of the most popular sea side spots in the Mediterranean. From the beautiful beaches, to the lavish cities, Sea Lily has everything you need to look your best.

Capri, Italy

“Aqua to Aperativo”

Enjoy the beautiful blue of the Italian coast while showing off Sea Lily’s comfortable and stylish Handkerchief dress. This dress is perfect for enjoying the sun or strolling along on the beach. Paired with a cute fedora hate from Halogen you have the versatility to go from the beach to bistro on any day.


Zakynthos Island, Greece

“I wanna soak up the sun”

Known for some of the best beaches in the world, Greece offers so many get aways for a beach lover. We found Zakynthos Island to be a little off the beaten path, but still as beautiful as ever. A little hidden oasis that offers gorgeous white sand beaches, and even cliff jumping and cave exploration for the more adventurous chicas out there. Lay out and catch some rays in our Amanda or Lena Lace for a cover up. Don’t forget to bring a pair of fashion forward Sunglasses and super cute beach bags!

Cannes, France

“Yes you Cannes”

Fit right into this luxurious lifestyle when you match our gorgeous and elegent Alice Maxi dress with a pair of golden heels. The upscale boutiques and palatial hotels are the perfect place to show off this elegant piece.
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