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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

TED talk- by Mike Velings. The Case for fish farming.

We’re headed towards a global food crisis: Nearly 3 billion people depend on the ocean for food, and at our current rate we already take more fish from the ocean than it can naturally replace. In this fact-packed, eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and conservationist Mike Velings proposes a solution: Aquaculture, or fish farming. “We must start […]

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Corals and Climate Change

Hello Sea Lily Followers! My name is Alyson, one of the Advisors for Sea Lily’s Ocean Conservation and a marine biologist. My research focuses on coral reproduction and how corals will be impacted by climate change. I’d like to share with you some results from my latest research! In my most recent experiment I looked […]

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Art Basel in Miami

Living in Miami has many perks. Turquoise ocean, parakeets, palm trees, white beaches and endless summer are a few of them. During the 1st week of December Art Basel and thousands of artists, art dealers, and art enthusiasts descend on Miami and turn this beach town into a fabulous art scene. The crowd is even more international than […]

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My Travel Essentials: Cover-ups and Tunics from Sea Lily

When planning your travel wardrobe you’ll find that certain clothes have more versatility than others which is an absolute must; especially if you want to pack light and still look chic. Luckily for you, these clothes include the all time fashion favorites like tunics and cover-ups. I just love the Sea Lily collection as it […]

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Welcome to the world of Sea Lily!

Welcome to the world of Sea Lily! I am so glad you found us. I started Sea Lily last year because I saw a need for resort wear that you can take from beach to lunch, from afternoon sunset to cocktail, from boat to shore. I wanted something light, comfortable and flattering. All our clothes […]

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