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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

Mar, 03 2017

Vittoria Ottaviano goes to Havana, Cuba with Sea Lily


Hello beauties, after a long absence due to my trip to Cuba and Miami I am back. Today I show you the look that I wore for a walk in Havana. A Sea Lily dress made by silk, so light that seems untouchable. Strolling in the Plaza Vieja, it accompanied my steps flitting here and there. I love the rich colors, and its particular cut. I leave the link where you can buy it, and the 25% discount code: VITTORIA25. As for the bag, I chose a mini size AAtelier Du Sac. What do you think?
If you go to ‘Havana, I recommend you spend at least half an hour in this beautiful square, which from dawn until late at night is alive with musicians playing live. It’s one of the focal points for tourism, and you can enjoy a delicious coconut ice cream at the kiosk in the corner of Calle Mercaderes (never eaten so good ice cream in my life), enjoy a mojto or just listen to great music.