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1998 Sea Lily Miami Corals Planted By Sea Lily

Save the Tatas!

CHECK YOUR TATAS! In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sea Lily is honoring all fighters, survivors, and taken that have battled breast cancer. With code TATAS25 receive 25% off when you shop Sea Lily in October! “Yesterday I dared to struggle, today I dare to win” – Bernadette Devlin

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You’re Invited to Chasing Coral!

Sea Lily is happy to announce that we are teaming up with RSMAS at The University of Miami, Rescue a Reef, Harbour Village Bonaire, and Debris Free Oceans to put on a FREE screening of Chasing Coral. What makes this event even more special is that Trevor Mendelow, who plays a key role in the […]

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World Oceans Day – June 8th

Summer is just a few weeks away, which means… more beach days! There’s nothing like a relaxing day out by the water with a frosty drink and book. Enjoying our world’s oceans is one of the life’s many pleasures. At Sea Lily we have a passion for conserving and rebuilding our oceans, which is why […]

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Sea Lily Underwater Photoshoot

Sea Lily recently partnered with husband & wife duo that promote ocean conservation through their underwater photography. Here’s a sneak peak of @selgrys wearing our CORAL PRINT SHORTS with matching CORAL PRINT SARONG that @zeroeye took in our own Florida waters. We are BEYOND excited to share how this collab worked out; stay tuned…

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Shop with a purpose : Holiday Gift Guide

We are PUMPED to be featured in this month’s holiday gift guide for DebrisFreeOceans . DFO, as they are known throughout Miami do beach clean ups, promotes ocean conservation and sustainable design strategies which is right up our alley! They are  promoting companies that “have courageously embarked on a journey to make a change” with how they create […]

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#ChangeAgent : Ocean Preservation Society

Sea Lily is all about enjoying the ocean lifestyle and all that it encompasses.  Ocean conservation is a priority to us. We therefore became members of the Ocean Preservation Society (OPS) who are “…a team of passionate artists, activists and change agents committed to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans and planet”. Joel Sartore, a photographer […]

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TED talk- by Mike Velings. The Case for fish farming.

We’re headed towards a global food crisis: Nearly 3 billion people depend on the ocean for food, and at our current rate we already take more fish from the ocean than it can naturally replace. In this fact-packed, eye-opening talk, entrepreneur and conservationist Mike Velings proposes a solution: Aquaculture, or fish farming. “We must start […]

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